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Travel Insurance in Case of COVID-19

All our packages includes travel insurance offered by Generali, which covers the costs of treatment and assistance in a  confirmed case of COVID-19 during your stay in Malta.
What does the COVID-19 insurance cover in Malta?
The COVID-19 insurance covers:
  • costs of returning home after treatment or isolation
  • isolation / hotel costs when a person needs to quarantine. The place of quarantine is agreed by the insurer with the relevant services.
  • alimentation costs – if the place of quarantine is a hotel
  • the cost of accommodation and meals after the end of hospitalization, if the patient is not able to return to the country immediately for health reasons – on the basis of an appropriate medical opinion
  • the cost of a COVID-19 test performed abroad at your travel destination – only if the test result is positive

How does the COVID-19 insurance work?
The case must be confirmed by a positive COVID-19 test result, it does not apply in cases of suspected infection.
In the case of 2 adults’ stay and only one of them becomes ill – the other one must return to the country as planned or extend their stay in Malta at their own expense, this is in no way covered by the insurance.
The exception is when a child falls ill under the care of a healthy adult – then the insurer covers the costs of the prolonged stay in Malta and the return to the country of such a person.
Please see the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.
Limits of liability
The liability limits amount to:

  • medical expenses & up to around 100 000 EUR 

  • accident insurance up to around 12 000 EUR 

  • third-party up to around 45 000 EUR 

  • lost luggage up to around 100 EUR 

  • theft (in the place of your permanent residence) up to around 1000 EUR 

NOTE: if symptoms of a comorbid disease appear during the COVID-19 treatment, the company is responsible for it up to 15% of the liability limit. It is possible to add chronic diseases to the insurance – so that the insurer’s liability is 100%.
Testing positive with COVID-19 before departure from your country
Please note that this insurance does not apply in situations where the customer falls ill before leaving the country and, as a result, the trip or a part of it cannot happen.