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Boutique Hostel

Boutique Hostel in the heart of Sliema - entrance

4* Preluna Hotel & Spa

Balcony view in the 4* Preluna Hotel & SPA in Malta

4* 1926 Hotel & Spa

Beach club in the 4* 1926 Hotel & Spa in Malta - aerial view

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Accommodation Options

2020 has created a new reality for all of us. Our Workation in Malta helps you make the best out of the circumstances. Escape lockdown and the seasonal blues – choose an extended stay in sunny Malta instead, on your own or with your family. We have created the Work + Vacation programme for everyone who misses travelling, meeting new people, and seeing new places, but at the same time cannot or does not want to take a break from their job.

The most important thing when coming to Malta for a holiday that includes remote working or studying is finding the right accommodation – we know it and we have done the legwork for you! We have partnered for years with the same, reliable hotels, hostels and guesthouses. We want your “home office” in Malta to be comfortable, that is why every accommodation option has free wifi and a place where you can comfortably sit and work with your laptop. Depending on your choice, it might be a desk in your room, a hotel lounge or a common room.

We want our offer to suit your individual needs. We strongly recommend checking also the reviews available online – this way you can make sure you have all the information you need to make your decision.

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Location: Sliema or Gzira
The places we work with are all located close to the sea, in the lively Maltese localities: Sliema or Gzira. Hostel and hotels offer access to a private swimming pool or jacuzzi and a long seaside promenade. 
Hotels in Malta in times of the COVID-19 pandemic
All the accommodation options we cooperate with have introduced updated hygiene and safety protocols, created according to the guidelines issued by the local authorities in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hotels have received the “COVID-19 Safety Protocol – Compliant” certificate, issued by Malta Tourism Authority, confirming the highest standards contributing to the health and safety of tourists.
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Accommodation Availability

Please note that we offer named accommodation in your holiday package, however, we cannot guarantee that at the moment of booking your option will be available. In case your choice of the hotel is unavailable, we reserve the right to change your accommodation in Sliema for the most alike alternative.

After you complete our booking form, we will confirm the name of your hotel. In the rare cases that your selected hotel is overbooked, we reserve the right to change your accommodation to another hotel. We guarantee the same standard or higher. A full refund of deposit is possible at the client’s request, if a hotel would be of a lower standard.

We take your comfort as a priority. We will do our best to help you find the best room available, considering your budget and your individual needs. 

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Room Types Available - Extended Stay in Malta

  • Rooms in the Boutique Hostel: accommodation in a dorm room (max. 4 people sharing), mixed or female only – you decide. On request, we can also send you the prices for stay in a modern private room.
  • Rooms in the 4**** Preluna Hotel & Spa: single or double/twin rooms with a free upgrade to direct sea view.
  • Rooms in the 4**** 1926 Hotel & SPA (DELUXE PACKAGE): standard single or double/twin rooms, always with a balcony.
  • Private flats: 1- or 2-bedroom flats are available only for stays of min. 4 weeks.

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Accommodation Options - Comparison

  • Double/Twin rooms are available only for 2 people boooking their Workation in Malta together.
  • If you are a solo traveller, you need to book a single room, at the price of a single room.
  • We do not offer a „ room sharing” option in our hotels for guests who are not booking together.

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