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About us on TV

2022, TVM

"Changemakers Malta" 

TV program judge

Changemakers offered individuals and social purpose organisations the chance to showcase an initiative on national television with a prize pool of €100K to develop an initiative that positively impacts Malta.

2015, Canal+

"Success has no borders" 

documentary at Canal+ Discovery

Marta Dreyfus-Starzyk was featured speaking about her life in Malta in one of the episodes of the documentary program at Canal+ Discovery, covering Poles living abroad who managed to succeed outside of Poland.
2017, TVP2

"Polka na Malcie (A Polish Woman in Malta)"

Pytanie na śniadanie (PnŚ) - PL

We talked about this during the meeting with a journalist from TVP2, Channel 2 of the Polish TV. Thank you for the invitation!

"Marta has been living in Malta for many years. This is where she met her current husband and started her business. For what does a Polish woman love Malta and why is it worth coming here for a vacation?"
We aim high...

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14 FEB, 2021, Tanzania, Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro, Fitness4Malta

"Life-Changing Experience to Push all Mental and Physical Boundaries "

Marta on the Top of Africa (5895m)

Pandemia & lockout did not slow us down. Just allowed to reach for the new heights! Mount Kilimanjaro,  the highest mountain in Africa and one of the 'Seven Summits' of the World was the climb we went for in 2021...and succeeded!

With Us or About Us - Articles & Interviews

2020 | 'Świat' Travel Magazine ➡

Interview for 'Świat. Travel ' magazine, available at four Polish airports, including Warsaw Modlin. We talk about the secrets of Malta through the eyes of a foreigner who has lived on the island for almost 20 years.


2019 | naszemiasto.pl ➡

We have been asked many times to share our experience and local knowledge about the Maltese Islands with the Naszemiasto.pl portal.


2017 | SHAPE Magazine ➡

'SUCCESS HAS NO BORDERS' - an interview for the Polish 'Shape' magazine, telling about the first business steps of Marta Dreyfus-Starzyk.


2016 | Newspapers ➡

It was a good year! In 2016, for the first time, we were noticed by the Polish tourism industry press as an emerging operator in the Maltese Islands.


2016 | naszemiasto.pl ➡

We have been asked many times to share our experience and local knowledge about the Maltese Islands with the Naszemiasto.pl portal.


2015 | Mambiznes.pl ➡

'A POLISH WOMAN FOUNDED A COMPANY IN MALTA' | ARTICLE | What does it really mean to do business in Malta? What problems does a young businessman (businesswoman), a foreigner, have to face to meet the requirements of Maltese law?


2014 | Panna Młoda Magazine ➡

Interview with Marta Dreyfus-Starzyk for a Polish wedding fashion magazine: 'Panna Młoda' ('Bride').


2013 | Health & Fitness ➡

'GET FIGHTING FIT WITH MARTA' | We were extremely proud when Health & Fitness asked for a photoshoot and an interview. The founder of Fitness4Malta talked boxing as a method for a healthy life and building a strong personality, helping in the fight against life's adversi...


2011 | Bankier.pl ➡

'LIVING THERE: MALTA' | ARTICLE | We like to share our experience in Malta and about Malta with others. This time for the readers of the prestigious Bankier.pl website, we wrote about the life and customs of the Maltese Islands from the perspective of a Pole living in this countr...

We Support! Charity Activities & Voluntary Service

2018 | Fundraiser for a Hospice

The beautiful 'VIII Charity Ball with the Heart' campaign for children of the Hospice for Children and Adults organised by the Embassy of Malta in Poland. Ready4Malta was one of the sponsors during the gala in Gdansk.

2015 | President of Malta ➡

Organiser of Fundraising Event with local NGO under the patronage the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

2013 | Volunteering in Bali ➡

'Children are a hope that flourishes again and again, a project that is constantly becoming reality, a future that always remains open.' Pope John Paul II

Interesting Encounters

2019 | Alessandro del Piero ➡

Italian footballer, multiple Italian national team player, 2006 World Champion, legendary Juventus striker

2019 | Ewa Chodakowska ➡

Beautiful Ewa Chodakowska, a Polish fitness guru. A woman who needs no introduction. Thanks to her, the whole Poland began to work out!

2019 | Qczaj ➡

We met the charismatic Daniel, one of the favourite trainers of Polish women, in Warsaw and Malta. We hope to welcome him back to our beautiful island!

2017 | Malta in Poland ➡

At the invitation of the Embassy of Malta in Poland, in the company of Polish and Maltese entrepreneurs, we had the honor to participate in the gala organised on the occasion of Malta's Independence Day in Warsaw.

2016 | Aaron Paul ➡

American actor and film and television producer, known among others as Jesse Pinkman on the AMC TV series 'Breaking Bad'

2016 | Edyta Litwiniuk ➡

The editor-in-chief of SHAPE Polska magazine, Edyta Litwiniuk, at the invitation of MTA (Malta Tourism Authority) and Fitness4Malta came to Malta to bring our Fitness & Yoga Holidays to Polish readers.

2015 | Tomek Kin ➡

Co-host of the morning show on Channel 2 of the Polish TV. Host of multiple TV and radio shows, including 'Success knows no borders' on Canal+ Discovery.

2015 | Daniella Moyles ➡

Irish top model, TV presenter, writer, DJ and radio broadcaster, Daniella Moyles, joined us for a training week… and a little bit fun in the meantime!

2014 | The US Ambassador ➡

H.E. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, US Ambassador to Malta in 2012-2016

Important Events

2019 | Go Active Show ➡

In May 2019, we exhibited at the Largest Active Fair in Poland Go Active Show at PTAK EXPO. In the good company of stars, bloggers, athletes and personal trainers, we promoted our active trips to the Maltese Islands.

2018 | TT Warsaw Fair ➡

Interview for Polska Press during the tourist fair in Warsaw.


2017 | Schuman Parade ➡

SCHUMAN PARADE IN WARSAW | Fitness4Malta and Ready4Malta were asked to join the stand of the Maltese Embassy in Poland and the Malta Tourism Authority, proudly promoting the Maltese Islands during the European celebration. Pictured with the Malta Ambassador to Poland, Natasha Meli Daudey.

2017 | TT Warsaw Fair ➡

In the picture you can see a member of the Ready4Malta team with the Maltese Ambassador to Poland, H.E. Natasha Meli Daudey.

2016 | TT Warsaw Fair ➡

The next edition of the largest Tourist Fair in Poland. In the photo with representatives of MTA and the Maltese Ambassador to Poland H.E. Natasha Meli Daudey.

2015 | TT Warsaw Fair ➡

TT WARSAW | We could not miss the TT Warsaw International Tourism Fair in Poland. We made new tourist trends, we met with Polish partners. We also had the great pleasure of talking to the Maltese Ambassador to Poland, H.E. Pierre Clive Agius.

Our Team at Work

2016 | Summer Camp in Malta ➡

It was great fun! The organisation and implementation of the 11-day, tailor-made youth camp program for a group of 50 people from Poland went smoothly. Every day different places and attractions. We felt like teenagers again 😉

2017 | Team-building Event ➡

A team-building event for EASO (European Asylum Support Office) organised by Ready4Malta in Popeye Village.

2017 | Christmas Gathering

At the request of the Polish Embassy in Malta, Ready4Malta organised a Christmas gathering for the Polish community living in Malta.

2018 | Incentive in Malta ➡

One of many incentive stays for Polish companies in Malta. Pictured: Jeep trip around the island of Gozo.

2019 | J&J Conference 500 guests ➡

Ready4Malta has been selected as a local partner to help organise a several-day conference in Malta for Johnson & Johnson representatives from 17 European countries.

2019 | At the office...

Getting ready for future events! 🙂

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