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Flights to Malta – how to get here?

The fastest and easiest way to get to the Maltese Islands is by plane. Ready4Malta does not organise flights to Malta, but the following information will help you find the cheapest and most convenient connections, regardless of the country of departure.

Malta International Airport

The tiny Maltese Islands offer one airport. Luqa Airport is approx. 20 to 50 minutes away from Malta’s largest tourist resorts.

How long is a flight to Malta?

It depends on your location: if you are flying from Sweden, the flight can take around 4 hours but a flight from Italy will not take longer than 1-1,5 hours.

Direct flights

Low-cost and regular carriers offer direct flights to Malta from most European capitals and major cities. To find the most convenient connection, use Skyscanner or

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Charter flights to Malta

Ready4Malta is an intermediary  for groups interested in private jet charters to Malta. Detailed information available on request. 


Different airports - different prices

Before buying a flight ticket to Malta, it’s worth checking and comparing flight prices from several close airports. The difference can be up to several hundred EUR!


If you plan to book for a larger number of people, remember that group booking is not always a better option than buying the right number of individual tickets. The ticket price usually depends on the size of the group and the carrier’s pricing policy. For example, the quote for a group flight at Wizzair can be obtained for groups over 10 people, at Ryanair – over 19 people *.The price for the group is calculated, however, regardless of the lowest price visible online – it can be higher than the price of a single ticket available in online sales. However, you can buy up to 25 tickets in one individual transaction at Ryanair, up to 6 tickets in Lufthansa. Wizzair has no limit *. However, the number of transactions is unlimited.

*Data from May 2020 may change – current information should be confirmed directly on the carrier’s ticket purchase page.