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Top 5 Things To Do In Sliema

When you finally arrive on the Maltese islands, you might have a well-designed plan for your fitness programme for Malta in mind, but what about your free time? There is no need to worry!  Sliema is the touristic heart of our Mediterranean gem. Bustling and exciting, there is so much to do and see without breaking the bank! 
Here are our TOP 5 favourite ways for you to spend your time in Sliema and the areas around, absolutely
free of charge.  

1. Enjoy a stroll along The  Seafront Promenade 

The most iconic part of the cityscape in Sliema is the almost 10km stretch of seafront known as The Strand.

This promenade is perfect for a leisurely walk, a fresh, airy sea – breeze can be felt especially at sunrise and sunset, when the sea views are thoroughly breath – taking. Great for exercise as well with lots of space to jog or run. There are also a few free for use gyms along the way which would be useful for different kinds of workouts.

Some of our early morning bootcamp style classes are held in the fresh sea air against the backdrop of the sunrise. 

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2. Take a dip in the Mediterranean 

The Mediterranean Sea is clean, clear, and inviting, especially in the summer. Although, it is a mistake to think Malta’s bathing season is year-round when it is in fact from May till October. During these months, the beaches are also one of the island’s best attractions.   

Most of the beaches in and around Sliema are rocky. The pallescent limestone glistens in the temperate Maltese sun throughout the summer, with lots of space making it perfect for sunbathing.

Now given the terrain you may be wondering how difficult it could be to enter the refreshing waters. This really is no problem, with many ladders at convenient spots that make it ever so easy to enter the water. During the bathing season there are lifeguards on duty.  

If you look a little closer, you will notice that there are square and rectangular cuts into the rocks meeting the sea. These are the Roman baths, which were carved in the Punic times, 264 – 146 B.C.

These baths were one of the first ways people could flock to the beach enjoy the temperate and consistent climate even in ancient times! The baths are hollowed out almost to the seabed with inlets allowing seawater to flow in and out while remaining sheltered. They are very safe and completely free for use. So, take a relaxing dip after one of your fitness holiday class in Malta.  

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3. Visit the Gardens  

Independence garden is a charming spot located in the heart of Sliema. Just a 5-minute walk from the Plaza Regency hotel or 10-15 mins. from The Preluna and 1926 hotel.

Down a staircase from the main street, the garden is scenic and tranquil with an abundance of flowers and greenery. Perfect for relaxing, reading a book, sunrise yoga practice or enjoying the view of neighbouring St. Julian’s. Completely free for entry, you can also take a moment to soak in the sun at Exiles beach club and bar right next to the garden.

There is also an artistic wooden statue of a cat in the middle of the garden which is usually a favourite for photography.  

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4. Take in the Tigne Point walk (View of Valletta)  

Around Tigne Point (the biggest shopping mall in Malta), at the very end of the Sliema Coastline and close to 1926 Hotel, you can find a beautiful, scenic, and peaceful path that leads from the end of the Sliema headland down to The Strand. Not usually known by tourists, locals in the know go on this walk frequently.

The walk itself is very easy and relaxing, with a gentle incline in certain areas, with a picturesque, unobstructed view of the islands’ capital, Valletta that can be seen throughout this walk.

Rather spectacular from every angle, especially at sunrise or sunset. It is a great location for a landscape photo, an Instagram selfie or a Sunday run when usually we offer no classes during your Fitness & Yoga Holiday in Malta.   

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5. Nightlife    

The nightlife in and around Sliema and St. Julian’s is considered the most exciting on the islands. This area thrives when the sun goes down. In Sliema especially, beach clubs with pools and bars where you can relax and take in the wonderful sea views as the sky turns orange and pink in the evenings.

During summer months, The 1926 and Medasia beach club is our recommendation. Restaurants such as “Surfside” and “il – Gabana” are also in great spots, with a view of the sea, which is very pretty in the evenings.

Around the town there are also other bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the traditional Sliema streets while you wine and dine. For those of you who are more eager to dance and party, the neighbouring town of St. Julian’s is home to Paceville, the island’s nightlife centre.

At night St. Julian’s positively rocks, you can find many bars, clubs, and pubs which remain open till the early hours, with entry being free almost everywhere.

Within relative walking distance from Sliema, around 30 – 40 minutes from your accommodation, or 5 – 10 minutes by car.  
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Bonus Feature: Visit Manoel Island   

Just steps outside Sliema, Manoel island is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. A short walk down The Strand from your accommodation, the island is linked to the mainland by a small bridge. On the island you can visit the medieval Fort Manoel, built by the Knights of St. John and later occupied by the British military when Malta became a colony from 1800 till 1964.

Fort Manoel is quite a spectacular sight and has featured as a filming location for the hit television series “Game of Thrones”, as well as the films “Assassin’s Creed” and “13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”.

Along with Fort Manoel you can also visit the duck village and yacht Marina on the island.    

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