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Top 15 Things to Try in Malta

1. Pastizzi

Pastizzi is a local, traditional snack, made of puff pastry and stuffed with either ricotta cheese or crushed peas. Although not the healthiest option, it is definitely worth the extra calories, as there are delicious. Usually costing between 30 – 50 Euro cents making them very cheap.  You can find these at Pastizzerias, which are small shops that sell pastizzi and other pastries made fresh every day. These are common all over the islands.  

  • Pastizzi

2. Kinnie

A local, non-alcoholic soft drink, tasting of bitter oranges, it is locally produced and distributed. For those more conscious of their diet, there is a diet version without sugar.
  • Kinnie

3. Cisk Larger

Cisk is a locally produced beer, which is a favourite amongst tourists and locals, a refreshing larger perfect for combating the summer heat. A golden-coloured light beer, 4.2% ABV.  
  • Cisk

4. Twistees

Twistess are an iconic, local savoury snack produced by the local company Darell Lee Foods. The snacks are backed not fried and have a unique cheesey flavour. There are now also other flavours available.
  • Twistees

5. Tuna Ftira

A ring-shaped piece of traditional Maltese bread filled with tuna, capers and a tomato sauce known as kunserva. This dish is very popular among locals.   
  • Tuna Ftira

6.  Ħobż biż-Żejt   

Delicious, toasted Maltese bread with kunserva spread lightly over and topped with minced tomatoes, olives, capers, sweet corn, butterbeans, basil and green beans. 
  • Hobz-Biz-Zejt

7. Fenkata

Fenkata is a very traditional Maltese dish, first being served nearly 500 years ago on the islands. Although the recipe may have changed and is served differently from place to place, it is essentially a Rabbit stew. The lean meat of a rabbit is cooked in a stew comprised of tomatoes, red wine, potatoes, peas, carrots, onions and flavoured with garlic, and chili flakes. 
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8.  Galletti   

Traditional water crackers made of semolina flour and usually flavoured with carraway or sesame seeds, oregano or black pepper. Eaten as either a snack or before a meal, Galetti are usually served with dips, cheeses, cold cuts and on their own. They are sold in packets but can also be served in restaurants and bars.  
  • Galleti

9. Maltese Wine   

Although Malta doesn’t have the largest wine industry, given the lack of space, fertile soil and fresh water sources. The Wine here is more refined than you would assume. Wine making has actually been practiced on the islands for well over 2000 years, and today there are 5 major wine producers that operate in Malta. These are Marsovin, Delicata, Camilleri Wines, Montekristo and Meridiana, with two wineries in Gozo, namely Ta’ Mena, and Tal – Massar. The largest producers, Marsovin and Delicata have wines available to buy in almost all places that sell wine in Malta. All produced on the islands you can buy white wines, Girgentinas, Moscatos and Chardonnays, Roses, Gellewza as well as some sparkling Chardonnays.  
  • Delicata Maltese Wine

10.  Ġbejna    

Ġbejna are small cheeselets, produced locally from goat or sheep’s milk. Made in both Malta and Gozo, all goat and sheep’s milk is used to make these cheeses, mostly though family – owned cottage industries. They can be found in many different forms, you can have them pickled, salted, peppered, seasoned with herbs, or plain and fresh.  Used in a wide variety of Maltese cuisine, including dishes such as, minestrone and Widow’s soup, as well as an accompaniment to fresh Maltese Bread or Ftira and part of a traditional platter.
  • Gbejna

11.  Bigilla    

Bigilla is bean paste made of local Tic beans, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Usually served as a dip to accompany bread or galletti. 
  • Bigilla

12.  Maltese Liquers  

There are a few Maltese liqueurs made from traditional or indigenous ingredients. These may seem very novel but are actually quite palette able. These drinks are rich and sweet, with the consistency of a syrup, having an alcohol content of 21% AVB. Most notably, Bajtra, which is a liqueur made from the prickly pear tree cactus. Aside from this, there is also a Carob Liqueur. Made from the carob tree, indigenous to the islands, known as Harruba in Maltese. As well as these there are other types such as Lemon, honey, fennel and Pomegranate.   
  • Maltese Liquers

13. Maltese Pizza    

Although Pizza is a quintessentially Italian dish, the pizza in Malta differs quite considerably from that of the Italians. Usually with a thicker base, and different toppings and sauces, such as sliced tomatoes, Maltese sausage, egg, potatoes, green peppers, capers and even gbejna. You can buy square slices of Pizza from the Pastizzerias that serve Pastizzi, for around 1.20 EUR 
  • Maltese Pizza

14. Maltese Ravioli

Taditional pasta dough cut out into circles and then filled with fillings such as gbejna or ricotta, then boiled and served in a tomato sauce. A very authetic, traditional dish which is typically homemade. 
  • Maltese Ravioli

15. Timpana

Timpana is a Maltese pasta pie. The macaroni is cooked in a bolognese based sauce with minced meat, bacon, tomatoes, garlic, onions and cheese. Which is the backed in a pie made of puff pastry. A favourite among locals, it can also be baught from Pastizzerias.
  • Timpana