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Things to Do in Sliema

Between your classes for your fitness and yoga holiday in Malta, you’ll have lots of free time. The training centre and your accommodation are located in Sliema. A vibrant centre and Malta’s touristic heart. Despite being only 1.3Km in size, there is so much to see and do in and around this area. 
From cafes, shops and restaurants in Sliema and Gzira to the nightlife capital of the islands, St. Julian's. We have created a list of the top things to do with your spare time in this exciting area. 

1. Bars and Restaurants

In Sliema, there are many bars, restaurants, and cafes to choose from. Most of these places offer a high – standard of food and service. You can find many enticing options, with a variety of food from every corner of the world. With many health food restaurants open as well.

Traditional, Maltese food can also be found in places dotted around Sliema. You can indulge in authentic homemade food at restaurants such as “Ta’ Kris” and “il – Merill”.

For those who may wish to cheat on their diet occasionally, you can find a few popular fast-food joints around town.  


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2. Shopping 

Sliema is the island’s centre for shopping, with many locals and tourists shopping regularly around this area. With a surprisingly wide range of stores, no matter the size of your pockets, there is something for you.

The Point at Tigné is the biggest and most popular shopping complex in Malta. While most shops in Malta open from 9 am till 7 pm, the Point opens its doors every day, even on Sundays.

If the abundant selection at the point doesn’t catch your fancy, however, there are more options still. Other good spots are the Plaza Shopping Centre and the pedestrianised Bisazza Street.     


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3. Take a Ferry to Valletta  

A picturesque ferry ride to the capital of the islands is the nicest way to travel. This 15 – minute ferry crossing of Marsamxett harbour shows off a stunning view all around. Back across to the modern and stylish Sliema, a Panoramic view of Valletta, and the medieval Fort Manoel.

Valletta is a city truly steeped history. Completed in 1566 by the Knights of St. John, the Spanish Baroque- style architecture laced throughout the streets is iconic, definitely worth a visit.

You can also take the same ferry service at the same price from Valletta to the three cities of Cottenera.


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4. Visit Sliema's Churches 

Walking the streets of Sliema, in general, is an opportunity to take in the modern and traditional architecture. Built from the traditional pallescent limestone that characterizes much of Malta’s mostly Spanish-Baroque style architecture. 

The local Maltese are deeply religious Catholics. As a result, there are 5 chapels and churches around Sliema alone. Most notably the Stella Maris Church, a 5-minute walk from the Preluna hotel and around 10 – 15 mins for those staying at the 1926 and Plaza Regency.

This baroque-style church was completed in 1855. Across the road from Stella Maris is the oldest chapel in Sliema, The Chapel of our Lady of Graces, built in 1802.   


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5. Go or Learn how to Scuba Dive   

The Mediterranean Sea has a special community of underwater wildlife. Home to over 17,000 species including, monk seals, loggerhead turtles, whales, and dolphins.

The temperate, clean waters are just right for scuba diving. There are a good few, high-quality diving schools within walking distance from our training centre. No matter your skill level or advancement they’ll be able to instruct and assist you in enjoying a fun and exciting dive.


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6. Water Sports

Water sports are another fun way to enjoy the fresh seawater. Activities such as canoeing, SUP, and snorkelling among others can be learnt or enjoyed at places close to our training centre. Other experiences such as jet skiing and jetflys are also available.

If you simply wish to relax and enjoy the sun and sea, the summer months are perfect for this. The beaches are mostly rocky with ladders at many convenient spots for entering into the clean, inviting waters. The beaches are large and relatively flat, perfect for sunbathing and relaxation.   


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7. Enjoy the Seafront

Sliema has an iconic, almost 10Km stretch of seafront known as The Strand. Stretching from Gzira all along to St. Julian’s through Sliema. Looking over Marsamxett harbour to the stunning panoramic view of the island’s capital, Valletta.

The Strand is a good choice for a leisurely walk at sunrise or sunset. In the day there are a few restaurants and beach clubs right on the waterfront where you can eat or drink while enjoying the sea views.   


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8. Nightlife 

Although exciting in the day time, there is still so much to do when the day is done in Sliema.

Beach clubs with pools overlooking the sea with bars and lounges to relax and take in the evening, such as the 1926 beach club.

Bars and restaurants that overlook the sea are also a nice choice, Surfside and il – Gabbana are very popular. Live music is played frequently at bars around town as well.

For those who wish for something more exciting, Paceville is the nightlife centre of the island with many bars and clubs, almost all free entry. Paceville is located in St. Julian’s which also has more to offer, with a different choice of restaurants and pubs overlooking the charming Spinola bay.

St. Julian’s only a 30 – 40-minute walk from Sliema or 5 – 10 minutes by car.    


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