Malta, Private Tours, up to 8h


This private full-day, guided tour  is available for groups of varying sizes (up to 500 people).
In this tour you can discover the long, rich, and storied history of these islands and how this shaped the Nation in the modern day.
Included in this tour is, the very first capital of the islands, Mdina, The Neolithic temples at Ħaġar Qim, the cities Birgu and Valletta across from each other on the Grand Harbour, and the cavernous Blue Grotto among many others.
In the morning, our private tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and take you, via private transfer, to the Blue Grotto viewpoint in the very south of the island.
Here you can take in the fresh sea air and marvel at the spectacular view out on the crystal-clear waters and the islet of Filfla. As well as this one may enjoy the aquamarine and turquoise hues reflected off the water onto the caverns and cliff formations on the shoreline.
From there we will continue on, to the city of Mdina, the islands very first capital city.
Here we can immerse ourselves in the monumental history etched into the walls and architecture, almost allowing you to breathe in the history, as far back as the 8th century!
Elements of Arabic and Roman architecture can be seen laced throughout the predominately Baroque and Norman buildings. This mixture of design gives Mdina its characteristic look, with the overwhelmingly remarkable, St Paul’s cathedral being a shining example of this.
Founded in the 12th Century, it is said to stand on the very site of the meeting between Roman Governor Publius and the catholic Saint Paul following his biblical shipwreck.
Incredibly the architecture in other parts of the city is actually dated to far older than the 12th century.
From Mdina, we will then head to the President’s beautiful San Anton Gardens and take a moment to relax and experience the scenery.
The gardens are in fact a very famous filming location, having starred in the acclaimed HBO television series “Game of Thrones”, the action war film “Troy” and many more.
Next will be Birgu. The original headquarters for the Knights of the Order of St. John, already one of the oldest settlements on the island before the knights arrived in 1530.
The deep docks in the City’s own Grand Harbour being the perfect spot for the Order’s navy. The guide will take you to the Gardjola Gardens, where you may view the breath-taking panorama view of island modern day capital, Valletta, our final visit on the tour.
The Capital boasts an impressive number of historically important buildings within its walls, which is why the entire city is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Upon entering the city, you can view the New Parliament Building, the actual assembly for the meeting of the government house of the Nation. The renewed, previously bombed Royal Opera House.
Then past the Grandmaster’s Palace which serves as the current presidential Palace, to the venue for Napoleon’s short-lived invasion of Malta.
In Valletta, we will finish our tour of Malta, after which we will return you to your accommodation.
If your group wishes you may add optional attractions. We recommend a visit to the Ħaġar Qim Neolithic temples. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, they are most probably the oldest religious monuments and free-standing structures in the world, outdating even the Egyptian Pyramids!


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  • Valletta

  • Birgu

  • San Anton Gardens

  • Blue Grotto

  • Neolithic Temples, Ħaġar Qim (Optional).

  • and many more!


The tour does not require adding a meal. We can book one if you are a group of at least 10 pax. For smaller groups, we can arrange a table reservation at a restaurant we recommend or 1 hour of free time.

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up to 8 hours

Starting time depends on the customer’s preferrences and the guide’s availability.

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A walking tour + Transfers by van/coach.

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