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5 Ways to Train by Yourself in Sliema

1. Go for a run on the Promenade

The long stretch of seafront in Sliema is just perfect for an early morning run or jog. This nearly 10 KM promenade stretches from the town of Gzira on one side around the point at Tigne down to St. Julian’s. The pavement is wide and the sea views off to one side are enticing and, in some spots, spectacular. 
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2. Make use of the free Gyms

Along this stretch known as The Strand there are several free for use gyms, with such features as pull up bars and cycling machines among many others. For those who want a more versatile workout these are just what you need, and completely free for use.  
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3. Go Swimming

The sea and beaches around Sliema are an attraction unto themselves. Swimming is a whole-body workout and is also useful for recovery. The views are quite stunning in this area as well. The beaches are mostly rocky, comprised of pallescent limestone. The bathing season is between May and October, with the sea and outdoor conditions just right for swimming. It is easy to get into the water as there as several ladders lowered into the sea. 
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4. Explore Sliema

Sliema is a vibrant town and in many senses the tourist hub of the islands. There is so much to see around these traditional streets, lined with colourful Maltese balconies, historical residences and public buildings, intriguing Churches and chapels as well as a few instances of street attractions, such as the statues in Bisazza street. These make the Sliema streets a perfect spot for a power walk which will also spark your interest. 
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5. Make use of the Hotel's Facilities

All the hotels that we offer in our packages have indoor pools that are free for guests. These are all good sizes and are a fun, relaxing way to get some laps in. The 1926 and Preluna hotels also have their own gym facilities which are well equipped and conveniently within the hotel buildings. 
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